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A deep dive into the history and science of these spectacular golden fossils. Generations of collectors and academics are connected in the search for them and how that search eventually culminated in new discoveries that has changed our understanding of trilobites and exceptional fossil preservation.   


A short feature on our tenure of Beecher's Trilobite Bed and the science and historical importance of the site.


Written by Pulitzer Prize winning author and journalist Elizabeth Kolbert, best known for her book The Sixth Extinction: An Unnatural History, and as an observer and commentator on environmentalism for The New Yorker magazine.

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Trilobite eggs identified at last! This Scientific American article serves as a good companion summary to the 2017 Geology publication announcing the discovery of in-situ eggs in trilobites from our quarry.  Since the beginning of the science of paleontology, trilobite reproduction had remained hidden. Through new preparation technology, the mystery of how trilobites carried their eggs is finally answered.  


Oldest camouflage in the fossil record? A short Nat Geo coverage of our Geology publication announcing  trilobites from the Devonian rocks of New York with color patterns dotting their exoskeletons, interpreted as preserved camouflage.


The 3 dimensional spheres built into the exoskeleton serve to break up the trilobites pattern potentially confusing predators.  

Selected Scientific Publications

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