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fossil preparation Instruction

The capability of preparing your own fossils is priceless for any serious collector.  But learning fossil preparation is a daunting task. What tools do I need? An air scribe? Micro air abrasion unit? Work box? Lighting?  How does one set up and integrate these systems?  What do these tools cost?  It would be nice to just go to a working prep lab and learn.  And you can.      


We offer a completely immersive, 2 day fossil prep session in our prep lab in northern New York. We provide a variety of fossils for you to work on (and keep) while you manage an entire prep station and learn the fundamentals with one on one instruction.         





The goal of the two day prep course is to ensure each person leaves with the ability to prepare most invertebrate fossils from start to finish on their own, with a command of the tools and techniques required to do so.


Equally as important, you'll learn how to set up a prep lab from the compressor, air lines, filtering, tool integration, dust collection etc. Reference material will be provided as well for future use.

Email us available dates, cost and booking details. We can also arrange customized and advanced instruction sessions.



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